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Always one step ahead with OneConnect™

OneConnect is the new platform that hosts all digital services related to LINAK® actuator systems used in healthcare applications. Via a user-friendly OneConnect App, service technicians and product end users are provided with easily accessible, relevant system-status data from applications that contain LINAK products.

Brand your products in the OneConnect App, communicate directly to your end users and improve their product experience.

The OneConnect portal is your single point of entry to manage the OneConnect features and services.

With OneConnect, technicians can take action when and where it is needed. They can use the OneConnect app to search for and identify products that indicate they need a service, cleaning or charging, and can then take appropriate action.

This allows you to be one step ahead of service and maintenance requirements, helping your healthcare customers meet increasing care, safety and efficiency demands.


User-friendly and free OneConnect™ App

The OneConnect App is free to download in AppStore and Google Play, and serves as a tool to detect applications in the healthcare environment. Any of your products that contain OneConnect-supported LINAK systems and which are within range of the smartphone, will broadcast system-data status to the OneConnect app. Status information flagged in the app can be anything from low battery and system error to service and cleaning status. With this information readily at hand, relevant staff can take the necessary action .


LCi safe system status

OneConnect cleaning required


OneConnect service help

OneConnect service required


OneConnect™ digital solution

OneConnect brings you a solid platform to keep you connected to your equipment and your customers. When you need integration with your own digital platform or infrastructure, the LINAK Communication Interface™ (LCi™) supports your digital journey.

LCi is the secure generic data interface that provides full access to the entire LINAK system - ensuring support for your own customised solution, such as a smartphone/tablet control app, and integration with nurse call and facility systems. The options are endless, so contact your local LINAK sales representative for information about how to integrate your digital solution.

LCi access is split into several layers of data accessibility, offering you complete control over who can access what data from your products.

If you want to be ready and prepared for OneConnect and your digital future, simply choose LINAK products with LCi inside or support for LCi.

LCi is available for all LINAK CO control boxes, either via Bluetooth® or wired with Modular Data Interface (MDI).

LCi logo

Make OneConnect™ your own

Customise the app content through the OneConnect portal. For each of your products, you have the option to manage which product name and product photo to display in the OneConnect app. An entire page in the app, the help centre screen, is at your complete disposal for individual product-related content. This is your unique opportunity to communicate directly to your end users, providing information such as brief product guides, manuals, instruction videos, technical support phone numbers, email addresses and much more.


OneConnect in browser and App


OneConnect™ benefits for you and your customers

  • Free user-friendly app with real-time system status – empowering service technicians to take action where and whenever needed
  • A ready-to-use digital platform in your applications – no need to develop your own software
  • Adopt OneConnect into your own brand – customise the app with your own brand identity and specific content or let your customer customise it for their operation
  • Single point of contact for all applications with LINAK products integrated – end users can access product data from different manufacturers who use LINAK actuator systems
  • Integrate OneConnect into your own platform – combine with any existing system and cooperate with third parties

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